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Darcy Olsen

Free Speech
Beware of Anti-Speech Ballot Measures

Originally published for The Wall Street Journal by Darcy Olsen and Tracie Sharp When voters in Missouri, South Dakota, Washington..

Right to Try
Dying Patients Should Have ‘Right to Try’ New Treatments

Experimental medicine could offer hope to the terminally ill

VIDEO: Goldwater Institute President Darcy Olsen Takes On Universal Preschool

After President Obama announced intentions to expand preschool across the nation, Darcy Olsen took to Fox & Friends to discuss why pre-school isn't always the best option for our children.

Right to Try
VIDEO: Goldwater Institute CEO Darcy Olsen Discusses Right To Try with Stossel

During John Stossel's "Government Bullies" show last Thursday on Fox Business, Goldwater Institute CEO Darcy Olsen came on to discuss Right to Try, and initiative that gives terminally ill patients access to possibly life-saving medicine.

Right to Try
VIDEO: Right To Try on The Kelly File

If you have a terminal illness, should you have the right to try treatments that might save your life, but are not yet officially approved by the Feds? That debate is now playing out across this country as lawmakers get behind the Right To Try act.

Right to Try
Video: Darcy Olsen Discusses Right To Try on CNBC

Compassionate use is not enough. Right To Try makes it simple. Those faced with a terminal disease deserve the right to try experimental medications that could save their life. Goldwater Goldwater President and CEO Darcy Olsen says Right To Try laws are the best option to patients who have tried everything else.

Discussing the State of the State on KNST

Governor Napolitano's State of the State address promises big programs despite a $1 billion state deficit.

Darcy Olsen Talks Politics on Arizona Illustrated

Goldwater Institute president Darcy Olsen went on KUAT's Arizona Illustrated to talk about the state budget, a possible tax increase, the Voter Protection Act, and several other topics.

Darcy Olsen discusses the Health Care Freedom Act with Mike Broomhead

Goldwater Institute president Darcy Olsen joined Mike Broomhead on KFYI to explain the Health Care Freedom Act and how it can help protect Arizonans' health care choices.

Video: A New Showdown in Tombstone

"The Town Too Tough to Die" is in a standoff with the federal government — one that jeopardizes their very survival. The Goldwater Institute has joined with the historic community to help them assert their constitutional rights. Fox Business host John Stossel interviews Goldwater CEO Darcy Olsen about this landmark case.

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