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Economic liberty

Arizona in Focus
Glendale Admits Gov’t Subsidies Didn’t Work…10 Years Later

By Joe Setyon December 29, 2021 Who could have guessed that forcing taxpayers to fund a professional hockey team in..

Economic liberty
Taking Nashville to Court in Defense of Home-Based Business

Although home-based businesses have been commonplace throughout American history, the ability to earn a living from home is even more..

Economic liberty
We’re Suing to End Louisiana’s Red Tape Nightmare for Small Businesses

November 15, 2021 Louisiana’s approach to sales taxes has created a red tape nightmare for businesses. With retailers forced to..

Economic liberty
Goldwater to DC: Don’t Hike Taxes on Hardworking Families & Small Businesses

Today the Goldwater Institute joined a coalition of over 120 center-right organizations, activists, and state lawmakers in opposition to the..

Economic liberty
Winning for Liberty: Goldwater’s Latest Litigation Victories — April 2021

This month, the Goldwater Institute is pleased to share multiple victories on behalf of clients by attorneys at our Scharf-Norton..

Economic liberty
Kansas Puts Skilled Workers First and Enacts Goldwater’s Universal Recognition Reform

April 22, 2021 Kansas has joined a growing movement of states that are making it easier for new residents with..

Chicago’s Mayor Flips on COVID Restaurant Closures

About an hour and a half before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Chicago police responded to a call at the..

Economic liberty
California’s New Version of Job-Killing Law is Still Unconstitutional

December 2, 2020By Timothy Sandefur California’s job-killing AB5 sparked a statewide protest last year by freelance workers and independent contractors..

Economic liberty
Celebrate Women Entrepreneurs by Empowering Them to Work

November 19, 2020By Jennifer Tiedemann Today is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a day first celebrated in 2014 to mark the work..

Economic liberty
Millions of Tax Dollars to Subsidize Private Business?

Should millions of your tax dollars be paid to McDonald’s if all it did was promise to sell hamburgers, or..

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