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Don’t Penalize Smokers for Trying to Quit

A new tobacco product that’s 90% safer or greater than smoking cigarettes can help countless Arizonans quit. But unless Arizona..

Constitutional Rights
Happy 112th Birthday, Arizona!

It’s Arizona Statehood Day—that means today is Arizona’s 112th birthday! Arizona became the 48th state to join the union, but it wasn’t..

Goldwater Advances New Pathways to Treatment Ahead of Rare Disease Day

February 29 is Rare Disease Day, and patient advocates across the country are spending this month raising awareness about the challenges facing Americans..

Vulnerable Americans Suffer from Backward Healthcare Policies – States Can Fix It

Tens of millions of Americans are suffering from a lack of access to healthcare because government regulations are standing in..

Goldwater’s Telehealth Reform – Helping the Most Vulnerable

Some suffer from depression. Others struggle with walking. Over half are women, and nearly 50% are from racial and ethnic..

Scottsdale Has the Opportunity to Promote Healthcare Freedom

Many of Arizona’s cities are notorious for restricting free market principles, property rights and innovation. Consequently, at the Goldwater Institute..

Family’s Story Highlights Need for Right to Try Expansion

Imagine hearing devastating news about your child’s health and knowing that a potentially lifesaving treatment exists, but that bureaucratic red..

Goldwater Urges Government: Don’t Stifle AI Innovation in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize healthcare for the better, promising to transform our daily lives in profound..

Goldwater to Biden Admin: Don’t Torpedo Short-Term Health Insurance

The Goldwater Institute is urging the Biden administration to ditch a new policy that makes it harder for Americans to..

Empowering Healthcare Choice: The Triumphs of Deregulation

Americans are best off when they can make decisions for themselves—and this is particularly true when it comes to healthcare...

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