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Limited Government

Constitutional Rights
WATCH: A Crucial Line of Defense Against Government Abuse

Last week, I joined a panel hosted by the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project to discuss state constitutions and how..

Constitutional Rights
U.S. Supreme Court Says ‘No’ to the Administrative State

We’ve long warned that one of the greatest threats to American constitutional government is the expansion of the “administrative state”—that..

Constitutional Rights
Enjoy Life This July 4 – It’s What the Founders Would Have Wanted

Every summer, as Americans look forward to the long Independence Day weekend, there’s always someone who admonishes us not to..

Constitutional Rights
Supreme Court Upholds Self-Defense Rights Against the ‘Permission Society’

The U.S. Supreme Court today agreed with the Goldwater Institute and struck down a New York law that restricted the..

Constitutional Rights
You Can Hold Government Accountable. Here’s How.

Whether it’s parents trying to find out what their children are learning in public schools or citizen watchdogs exposing corruption,..

Constitutional Rights
Tennessee Stopped Her from Earning a Living – So We’re Defending Her Rights in Court

Government bureaucrats have no business stopping qualified professionals from doing their jobs. But that’s exactly what the Tennessee state government’s..

Constitutional Rights
Stop Imposing Mandates for Women’s ‘Own Good’

It was unconstitutional from the start, and Gov. Jerry Brown knew it. Senate Bill 826 — which forces any corporation..

Opportunity Awaits: Here’s How Americans Are Finding the Economic Freedom They Crave

“Brace yourself” for an economic “hurricane,” says JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon, who recently weighed in on the daunting economic..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Sues to Stop Phoenix’s $7 Million Property Tax Shell Game

The Goldwater Institute sued the city of Phoenix today on behalf of two Arizona taxpayers, challenging the city’s illegal $7 million subsidy..

Limited Government
Arizonans Should Be Free to Defend Their Freedom in Court—Without Jumping Through Bureaucratic Hoops

The Goldwater Institute filed a brief in the Arizona Supreme Court today in engineer Greg Mills’ lawsuit against state bureaucrats who—he argues—have..

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