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Constitutional Rights
Massachusetts School Hides Pre-Teens’ ‘Gender Identity’ from Parents—and Goldwater Takes Action

Two Massachusetts parents were blindsided when they learned that middle school officials had been referring to their two pre-teens by..

New Goldwater Report: Free-Market Reforms Can Help Secure Arizona’s Water Future

PHOENIX – Arizona is in the middle of one of the worst droughts in its history. Water supplies throughout the..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Sues City of Phoenix for Hiding Union Records from the Public

The city of Phoenix and its union enablers have shut the public out of its most recent contract negotiations—a process..

New Goldwater Report: Is the 340B Drug Program Failing the Vulnerable Patients It Was Supposed to Help?

Imagine a government program that allowed healthcare providers caring for the poor and uninsured to purchase drugs at discounts similar..

New Goldwater Report: Universal Recognition Has Helped Arizonans Get to Work

The best path to prosperity is a job. Work brings dignity, hope, and purpose to people by allowing them to..

Maine School Hides ‘Gender Transition’–Goldwater Stands Up for Mom

Maine mom Amber Lavigne is demanding answers: a public school not only kept her 13-year-old daughter’s “gender transition” a secret,..

Constitutional Rights
Would MLK Reject Discriminatory DEI Initiatives?

Would the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. support “woke” activists’ push for “diversity, equity, and inclusion”? Certainly not, writes..

Constitutional Rights
Super Bowl Censorship: Goldwater Sues City of Phoenix for Letting NFL Suppress Speech

Censored…by the NFL? As Phoenix prepares to host Super Bowl LVII festivities next month, the city government has given the..

Ohio Governor Signs Goldwater’s Universal Recognition Reform into Law

This week, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine joined the Ohio General Assembly in acting decisively to streamline licensing for new workers..

New Year, New Tax Rate: Goldwater’s Flat Tax Reform Takes Effect to Kick Off 2023

While Washington lawmakers search for ways to hike taxes on hardworking Americans so they can increase spending by trillions of..

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