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DEI on the Defensive: Here’s How to Defeat it For Good on University Campuses

On university campuses around the nation, racially discriminatory diversity, equity and inclusion programs are withering under the sunlight of public..

ESA scholarships educate students, rich or poor, cheaper than public schools can

Who would support a program that “price-gouges” families and spends more than a billion dollars of Arizona taxpayer money every..

Constitutional Rights
As violent crime skyrockets, Pima County plans to set more criminals free

Violent crime is skyrocketing in Pima County, but officials are too busy planning to release lawbreakers onto the streets to..

The Biden Administration’s Political Target Is Private, Affordable Education

In testimony before Congress, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona vowed to “shut down” Grand Canyon University (GCU), one of the nation’s..

How the Courts Made the Homeless Crisis Worse

The autopsy says Geoffrey Rugwiro died from blunt-force trauma. But Rugwiro—a 47-year-old homeless man murdered in Phoenix last spring—was a..

Why Arizona Law Forces Us to Build Only the Most Expensive Homes

Want to buy a home in Arizona? Good luck with those rising prices and resulting sky-high monthly payments. Thinking better of buying..

Lawmakers Must Protect Free Exchange of Ideas On Campus

For over five years, I served on the faculty of the Lewis Honors College at the University of Kentucky. I..

‘Right to Try 2.0’ Would Bring Innovative Medicine to Desperate Americans

Five-year-old Olivia Riley of Arizona suffers from an extremely rare and fatal genetic brain disorder called metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD). She..

Let Tennessee Developers Pay for Third-Party Inspectors so They Can Build More Housing

It’s a huge problem everywhere, but especially in Tennessee: There just isn’t enough housing, and the homes that are available..

Arizona State University’s Cronkite School Trains Future Reporters in the Art of DEI

“I believe the most qualified person should get the job.” “America is a melting pot.” “Everyone can succeed if they..

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