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What’s Really Behind the Problems at Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research

The New York Times — perhaps best known these days for publishing Nikole Hannah Jones’ falsified history of the American..

Reclaim Academic Freedom

Colleges are enthralled with diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology. It’s not just the bureaucratic commissars some red-state leaders are finally..

Biden’s DOJ Should Google Better Things to Do With Its Time

Build a better mousetrap, and we’ll come tear it down. That’s the message the Biden administration’s Department of Justice is..

Constitutional Rights
Education Is the Engine of Freedom Conservatism

Those who love liberty and those who despise it agree on one thing: liberty’s survival depends on the education of..

Rescue College Classrooms with the Freedom from Indoctrination Act

Public universities have embraced left-wing ideology under the banner of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) through a variety of mechanisms...

Constitutional Rights
Ditching DEI? These Colleges Just Abandoned Progressive Loyalty Oaths

It’s an unequivocable victory for college students, faculty, and the constitutions of Arizona and the United States: Arizona’s public universities..

Constitutional Rights
On-Campus DEI Bureaucrats Already Ditching New Loyalty Oaths

Will the last diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucrat to leave their office on campus please turn out the lights? On..

Judge Roasts Reachers Union Hysterics Over Florida Curriculum Transparency

Florida’s teachers unions have just gone 0 for 2 in their recent bid to stop Florida’s groundbreaking education reforms. While..

Constitutional Rights
The Price of Refusing to Prosecute

Violent criminals are roaming free, and the public servants charged with putting them away refuse to do anything about it...

Constitutional Rights
A Chance to Rein in the Administrative State’s Tyranny?

This op-ed was originally published at the Orange County Register. The classic 1970s cartoon “Schoolhouse Rock” taught a generation of..

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