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Constitutional Rights
Phoenix & Tucson Poured Hundreds of Millions into Homeless Crisis. Things Only Got Worse

With law and order giving way to death and destruction as homeless encampments overrun the streets, Arizona’s two largest cities..

Goldwater Institute Asks AZ Supreme Court to Ensure Just Compensation for Property Owners

The Goldwater Institute filed a brief in the Arizona Supreme Court today asking the justices to reverse a lower court’s..

Holbrook, AZ, Tramples on Small Business Owner’s Property Rights—So We’re Suing

In the heart of Navajo County, officials in the city of Holbrook, Ariz., are determined control who enters their town,..

Goldwater Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Protect Rights of Property Owners—And Renters

The Goldwater Institute today filed a brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to review a lawsuit challenging a Seattle ordinance..

Foundations of Freedom Episode 1: The Power of Property Rights

What can spoons and sheep teach us about property rights? Timothy Sandefur has the answer. This week, we released the..

Constitutional Rights
VICTORY! Phoenix Judge Declares Homeless ‘Zone’ Illegal—Orders City to Abate Nuisance

A Maricopa County judge declared Phoenix’s homeless “Zone” an illegal public nuisance this afternoon after property and business owners in..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Take Up Homelessness Case

The Goldwater Institute filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday urging the justices to review a Ninth Circuit..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Heads Back to AZ Supreme Court to Protect Taxpayers’ Rights

The Arizona Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it will take up the Goldwater Institute’s latest lawsuit against unconstitutional government subsidies..

Constitutional Rights
What Happens in Vegas…Must Be Reported to Big Brother?

The Goldwater Institute and the Liberty Justice Center filed a brief in the Nevada Supreme Court yesterday in support of..

Yuma Illegally Sneaks Property Tax Past Voters; Goldwater Fights Back

If the government is going to take a cut of your hard-earned money through taxation, it had better follow the..

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