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Constitutional Rights
What’s Happening in the Phoenix’s Homeless “Zone” Lawsuits?

The immense homeless encampment in downtown Phoenix, known as “The Zone,” is now the subject of two lawsuits—one in state..

Constitutional Limits
A Path Forward for Cleaning Up California’s Cities?

Californians are fed up with watching homeless encampments take over their streets. Vast swaths of once-beautiful cities are now overrun,..

Hope For The Zone: City Of Phoenix Ordered To Solve Homeless Crisis It Created

Downtown Phoenix’s residents experienced a glimmer of hope in the ongoing homeless crisis last month after a court declared the..

Court Could Help Clean Up Homelessness Chaos in This City, and Yours

Cities nationwide are struggling under a homelessness epidemic, but the situation is particularly grim in Phoenix, where city leaders set..

City-Sanctioned Slums: The Environmental Impact Of Phoenix’s Homeless Zone

You’ll know you’re in The Zone by the smell. The suffocating stench of urine and feces. Rotting garbage. The occasional..

VICTORY! Arizona Judge Declares Phoenix’s Homeless ‘Zone’ an Illegal Public Nuisance

A Maricopa County judge this afternoon found that the city of Phoenix is maintaining an illegal “public nuisance” by encouraging..

A Wasteland of Corpses, Living and Dead: A Devastating Inside Look at Phoenix’s Homeless Zone

Intense poverty, frequent crime, social instability, high mortality, poor living standards: these qualities describe third-world countries. They also describe “The..

Even San Francisco Is Starting to Change Course on Homelessness. Why Won’t Phoenix?

In the liberal haven of San Francisco, where one of the worst homelessness crises in the nation has been raging..

Constitutional Rights
Phoenix Is Policing Super Bowl Speech, but Not Violent Crime

It’s a tale of two cities in downtown Phoenix, set to play host to the national media and all the..

Property Rights
What’s Going on in Phoenix’s Homeless ‘Zone’ Lawsuits?

A trial judge in Phoenix issued a ruling Monday rejecting the city’s efforts to throw out a lawsuit challenging the..

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