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Property Rights

Constitutional Rights
Liberty in Action: Goldwater Leads the Fight for America’s Future

For 250 years, our country has fought against tyranny and oppression across the globe. We’ve spread the ideas of freedom..

Regulation Always Comes at a Cost to Someone

It’s a simple concept: Broadly speaking, the government should not be in the business of telling landowners what they can..

Economic liberty
Taking Nashville to Court in Defense of Home-Based Business

Although home-based businesses have been commonplace throughout American history, the ability to earn a living from home is even more..

Goldwater Client to Congress: Stop Gov’t Theft of Innocent Property Owners

Massachusetts grandmother Malinda Harris didn’t have a choice when the government demanded she turn over the keys to her car..

Property Rights
Massachusetts Grandmother Finally Gets Her Car Back from the Government

Massachusetts grandmother Malinda Harris had her car taken away by the government and held for years, even though she hadn’t..

Property Rights
Massachusetts Has a Real Chance to Improve Its Abysmal Asset Forfeiture Laws

August 10, 2021By Stephen Silverman Several years ago, innocent grandmother Malinda Harris found herself the target of government bullies: Her..

Property Rights
Goldwater Stands up for Innocent Man Targeted by Government Theft

July 21, 2021By Stephen Silverman It’s unjust and unconstitutional for the government to seize innocent people’s property—and simply pocket the..

Property Rights
Goldwater Hits Flagstaff with $23 Million Bill for Violating Property Rights

July 20, 2021By Christina Sandefur Representing the owners of more than 50 properties, the Goldwater Institute has filed over $23..

Property Rights
Goldwater’s American Freedom Network Scores Big Property Rights Win in Michigan

May 26, 2021By Kileen Lindgren While freedom is central to the American idea, that doesn’t mean that it’s safe from..

Property Rights
Goldwater Gets Innocent Phoenix Man’s Car Back in Another Civil Forfeiture Victory

May 17, 2021By Stephen Silverman Matthew Fabay is a Phoenix resident, an active member of his church and his community...

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