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Regulatory Reform/Taxes

DERELICTION OF DUTY: Military Spouses Struggle to Earn A Living Despite ‘Feel-Good’ Licensing Laws

Download a PDF of the Report “My turn.” The words echo through the frustrated minds of military spouses every day...

Regulatory Reform/Taxes
Economic Development in Pima County

By Shirley Svorny, Ph.D. Professor of Economics, California State University, Northridge

Regulatory Reform/Taxes
Arizona Becomes First State in Country to Protect the Right to Earn a Living

Phoenix—After surviving breast cancer, Lauren Boice started a business called Angels on Earth. Her business dispatched licensed cosmetologists to individuals..

Regulatory Reform/Taxes
Englehorn v. Stanton

QUICK STATUS Last Step Phoenix filed an Answer, denying it has broken the law. Next Step Phoenix will produce documents..

Regulatory Reform/Taxes
Chicago City Council Removes Some of the Assaults on Privacy from Home-Sharing Ordinance

CHICAGO – Chicagoans who share their homes through online platforms such as Airbnb no will longer be forced to hand..

Permit Freedom

Download the report here Being free means not having to ask permission. Having rights means being able to choose—to decide..

Regulatory Reform/Taxes
New Report: Government Red Tape Keeps People Out of Work and Hurts Small Businesses

Phoenix—More Americans than ever before are required to get a state government license before they can go to work or..

Regulatory Reform/Taxes
Protection Racket: Occupational Licensing Laws and the Right to Earn a Living

Download the report here Debra Nutall lived the American dream, until the state of Tennessee took it away. She started..

Regulatory Reform/Taxes
City of Chandler Halts Enforcement of Unconstitutional Sign Code

Phoenix–An Arizona judge has ordered the City of Chandler to stop enforcing portions of the city’s sign code that violate..

Regulatory Reform/Taxes
Schires v. City of Peoria

QUICK STATUS Last Step File Complaint Next Step Await Peoria’s response The Goldwater Institute is suing the City of Peoria..

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