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Right to Try

New Hope for Patients: Goldwater Expands Right to Try

Patients in need of lifesaving treatment received new hope in Arizona today as Governor Doug Ducey signed into law the..

Arizona Leads Nation in Putting Patients First with Right to Try Expansion

Patients in need of lifesaving treatment received new hope in Arizona today as the state legislature became the first in..

Seriously Ill Patients Would See New Hope with Goldwater’s Reform

After finding out their infant daughter had a fatal illness, Keira Riley’s family learned there was only one option available..

How the FDA Made Me Move to Italy to Save My Daughter’s Life

In March of 2020, my family got the news that would forever change all of our lives: My daughter Olivia,..

Right to Try
New Right to Try Law “A Chance at Healing”

Kendra Riley is a mother in Arizona whose family has firsthand experience with cutting-edge, individualized medical treatments. She’s testifying before..

Right to Try
Remembering Tracy ‘Gypsy’ Beach, a Tireless Advocate for Right to Try

January 19, 2022 All of us at the Goldwater Institute are mourning the loss of a dear friend, Tracy “Gypsy”..

The DEA Must Accommodate the Right to Try

Passed by 41 states before a federal version was signed into law in 2018, Right to Try gives dying patients..

Right to Try
Patient-Centric Healthcare Goes to Hollywood

August 28, 2020By Christina Sandefur For decades, the federal U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s sluggish and bureaucratic drug approval..

Right to Try
FDA Foot-Dragging Keeps Americans in the Dark

July 24, 2020By Naomi Lopez After more than two years of delay, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has..

Right to Try
Right to Try and Right to Information More Important than Ever

June 16, 2020By Nicole DeWitt Last month, the New York Times editorial board wrote about the damage democracy suffers when..

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