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School Choice

School Choice
Arizona Lawmakers Expand Empowerment Scholarship Accounts to All Schoolchildren

Phoenix—Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts are helping more than 3,000 Arizona students excel in an academic setting that meet their needs...

School Choice
New Legislation Will Improve Arizona’s Education Savings Accounts

Arizona lawmakers have a slate of education ideas before them in 2017. Most importantly, Legislators should continue their efforts to..

School Choice
Court gives Nevada families reason to hope on Education Savings Accounts

Nevada parents and families around the country have reason to hope after today’s Nevada Supreme Court ruling. Responding to claims..

School Choice
Legislators should address the need for more quality educational options so judges don’t have to

Last week’s Connecticut court ruling in a school finance case went far beyond calling for more money. Trial court judge..

Education savings accounts go to Washington

Last November, Politico explained “How Washington created some of the worst schools in America,” referring to Bureau of Indian Education..

Education Spending
Arizona education savings accounts receive first audit

Yesterday, the Arizona Auditor General released a performance audit on the nation’s first education savings accounts. The auditor’s main finding..

Education Spending
Nevada students one step closer to using education savings accounts

Yesterday, a Nevada judge ruled in favor of education savings accounts, upholding the nation’s most expansive savings account program. In..

School Choice
The Future of Money and Giving Every Child the Chance at a Successful Future

The Future of Money and Giving Every Child the Chance at a Successful Future downloadable PDF John Makusi Simiyu operates..

School Choice
Need to reverse this trend

Last week, Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. finished a complicated rule-making process for the nation’s new federal law for K-12 students...

School Choice
OK Supreme Court, AZ ESA student make their case for choices in education

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a ruling small on its face but large in its reach. The..

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