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Tuition Tax Credits

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Survey of Arizona Private Schools: Tuition, Testing, and Curricula

Arizona public school enrollment is projected to exceed one million students by 2013. Currently, Arizona ranks first nationally for highest capital outlay expenditures and second for interest on school debt expenditures, totaling nearly $2,000 per student.1 Arizona’s private schools educate five percent of the state’s K-12 student population. Developing policies that take advantage of existing and potential private school capacity could help ease the public school burden of educating significantly more students, while potentially saving hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Education Spending
The ‘Or Else!’ Education Agenda

Originally published in Real Clear Policy Any parent of a petulant child can recall when they told their little one..

Tuition Tax Credits
Tax Credit Scholarships: Questions and Answers

Arizona operates three tax credit scholarship programs. Under these programs, individuals or businesses can donate money to school tuition organizations (STOs). These organizations award private school scholarships to students in grades K-12. Individuals and businesses can take a tax credit equal to their donation within certain limits when they file their taxes.

Tuition Tax Credits
School Choice Version 2.0

As states around the country get set to start their legislative sessions in January, making sure children are attending schools that challenge them and prepare them for life tops the list of priorities. Texas is one of the states considering a new scholarship for children in K-12, and even U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has suggested a tax credit scholarship program at the federal level.

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