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Week in Review: Aloha to the Second Amendment?

The Hawaii Supreme Court wants the “Aloha State” to say goodbye to the Second Amendment. The Hawaii high court ruled..

Week in Review: ‘Goldwater is Absolutely on Fire’

“The Goldwater Institute is absolutely on fire,” Arizona radio host Garret Lewis says, praising Goldwater’s “great report highlighting how the University..

Week in Review: A Bottomless Pit

The figures are staggering. Homelessness rose 92% in Phoenix—despite the city pouring at least $180 million into the spiraling crisis,..

Week in Review: Landmark Win in Louisiana

Louisianans have had it rough—at least when it comes to grappling with the government for the freedom to work. But..

Week in Review: Remember Our Bravest Heroes

This Memorial Day weekend, with deep gratitude, we thank the men and women who paid the ultimate price to secure..

Week in Review: Desperate Patients Get Good News

Maryland mom Hannah Lowe’s young son suffers from a fatal form of childhood muscular dystrophy. So she knows firsthand how..

Week in Review: “Extreme racial politics of DEI are crumbling”

Something remarkable happened this week in the world of higher education. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced that it..

Week in Review: Gun Owners Targeted

The wannabe gun-grabbers on the Pima County, Ariz., Board of Supervisors have been looking to pick a fight over the..

Week in Review: Antisemitism Is Raging on Campuses

“The 7th of October is going to be every day for you!” “Go back to Poland.” A Jewish student is..

Week in Review: Discriminate to Graduate?

A shocking new report shows that 67 percent of major American universities require students to take courses in DEI—an ideology..

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