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Week in Review: Desperate Families Find New Hope

Flanked by the Riley family and Goldwater Director of Government Affairs Jenna Bentley, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey held a signing ceremony Tuesday..

Week in Review: Parent-Free Zone

Closed to the public—parents not welcome. That’s the message the South Kingstown school district sent Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas..

Week In Review: Funding Flood Fiasco

It was an “unfathomable institutional failure.” As featured on Fox News, the Goldwater Institute has uncovered the failure of the..

Week In Review: Who’s on This Secret Government Blacklist?

No judge. No jury. No due process. The government unjustly prosecuted Tucson mom Sarra L. for parenting her child. Now,..

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Week in Review: Expose Gov’t Secrets? Here’s How to Do It

Troubling trend: Government leaders—particularly in America’s K-12 schools—are seeking to close government operations to the public. Stop the secrecy: Engaged..

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Week in Review: This Is the Way

With Governor Doug Ducey’s signature, Arizona has officially enacted the largest school choice expansion in U.S. history, establishing a new..

Week in Review: What John Adams Said

Barbecues. Pool parties. Fireworks. The right to live your life as you see fit. Our founding fathers battled to secure..

Week in Review: School Choice for All Just Became a Reality

In a major victory for families that sets a national model, the Arizona Legislature passed Goldwater’s groundbreaking bill to ensure..

Week in Review: CRT’s Despair vs. Juneteenth’s Promise

The spirit of Juneteenth, the holiday where we commemorate the end of slavery in the U.S., celebrates Americans’ willingness to..

Week in Review: A One-Stop Shop for Liberty

Drumroll please…We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new website! As the Goldwater Institute leads the fight for America’s..

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