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Week in Review: Aloha to the Second Amendment?

The Hawaii Supreme Court wants the “Aloha State” to say goodbye to the Second Amendment. The Hawaii high court ruled..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater to Supreme Court: ‘Spirit of Aloha’ Doesn’t Trump 2nd Amendment

In Hawaii, the word “aloha” is both a greeting and a farewell. But in the context of the Second Amendment,..

My University Required DEI Training. I’m Suing

Two years ago, Arizona State University, where I’ve taught philosophy and religious studies for more than two decades, began requiring all..

2024 Supreme Court Rundown

Join us on July 10th for a special Goldwater Institute virtual event, as Goldwater Vice President for Legal Affairs Timothy..

11/8 Freedom Gala: Defending the American Dream

The Goldwater Institute cordially invites you to the 2024 Freedom Gala: Defending the American Dream, featuring Dr. Ben Carson on November..

Week in Review: ‘Goldwater is Absolutely on Fire’

“The Goldwater Institute is absolutely on fire,” Arizona radio host Garret Lewis says, praising Goldwater’s “great report highlighting how the University..

Week in Review: A Bottomless Pit

The figures are staggering. Homelessness rose 92% in Phoenix—despite the city pouring at least $180 million into the spiraling crisis,..

Constitutional Rights
Phoenix & Tucson Poured Hundreds of Millions into Homeless Crisis. Things Only Got Worse

With law and order giving way to death and destruction as homeless encampments overrun the streets, Arizona’s two largest cities..

DEI on the Defensive: Here’s How to Defeat it For Good on University Campuses

On university campuses around the nation, racially discriminatory diversity, equity and inclusion programs are withering under the sunlight of public..

Anti-Bug Bigotry? University of Arizona’s DEI Boondoggle Tells Students to ‘Live Like a Bug’

Would you spend $140,000 on a college education that teaches you plenty about how to “live like a bug,” but..

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