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Protecting a Doctor’s Right to Treat His Patients

Dr. Landrum v. Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure

Case Status

Date Filed

March 27, 2015

Last Step

Dr. Landrum meets with Executive Director of the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure.

Next Step

Victory! Dr. Landrum is allowed to continue to provide medical care to those who otherwise could not afford it.

Case Overview


Dr. Carrol Frazier Landrum – the only medical doctor in the small town of Edwards, Mississippi and a hero to its residents – makes house calls in his 2007 Toyota Camry, providing general medical services to low-income and disabled people. He practices medicine because he has seen first-hand what happens to families in his community—the poorest in the state—when the bread-winner cannot go to work because he or she is sick: they risk homelessness and losing their jobs altogether. Refusing to let that happen, Dr. Landrum provides general medical care for free or at low-cost to sick people who cannot otherwise afford it – sometimes traveling as far as 50 miles to see two or three patients a day. He sees patients in their homes, or even in a car, if they don’t have a home or a private place to meet.

Even though making house calls does not violate state law, late last year an investigator with the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure demanded that Dr. Landrum shutter his practice and surrender his medical license on the spot. When Dr. Landrum refused, the Board harassed and threatened Dr. Landrum for months but never provided a valid legal reason for demanding that he immediately give up his license. The Board then ordered Dr. Landrum to appear at an “informal” meeting on April 15th with its Executive Director and Investigator, which did not entitle Dr. Landrum to review his investigation file beforehand.

The fact that Dr. Landrum practices out of his car should not deprive Edwards of its only doctor.

Dr. Landrum, a World War II veteran who has been practicing medicine for over 50 years, says he believes it is his duty to “help anyone who calls on him.” Almost 79,000 patients, medical professionals, community members, and supporters from around the world have signed an online petition in support of Dr. Landrum (

The Goldwater Institute is representing Dr. Landrum to ensure that powerful licensing boards do not abuse their powers, that the investigatory or disciplinary process is transparent, and that the Board does not use hollow threats to intimidate doctors like Dr. Landrum into relinquishing their licenses and leaving their patients in the lurch.

Thanks to the involvement of the Goldwater Institute, local counsel Andy Taggart, and the influx of community support and media attention, the April 15th meeting was an overwhelming success. The Board’s Executive Director said that Dr. Landrum can continue to practice so long as he takes a refresher course in medical record keeping – an issue that was raised in the meeting as a potential concern when making house calls. The Institute is thrilled that Dr. Landrum was finally given a full and fair opportunity to address the Board’s concerns. Most significantly, Dr. Landrum will now be able to get back to what is important – helping his patients.

The Goldwater Institute is working with Mississippi local counsel Andy Taggart, who is a founding partner at Taggart, Rimes & Graham, PLLC. Andy Taggart was Chief of Staff to former Governor Kirk Fordice and is co-author of two popular books, Mississippi Politics: The Struggle for Power, 1976-2008 and Mississippi Fried Politics: Tall Tales from the Back Rooms. Andy has been practicing law since 1985 and focuses in the areas of business and corporate counsel, transactions and strategies, healthcare, and government, elections and political law.


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Case Logistics

Dr. Carrol Frazier Landrum is a World War II and Korean War veteran and general practice physician who makes house calls to low-income and disabled people in the small town of Edwards, Mississippi. Dr. Landrum has been practicing medicine for over 50 years.

This investigatory matter was pending before the Executive Director of the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure.

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