100 Ideas for 100 Days 2010

Posted on December 03, 2009 | Type: Policy Report
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Protecting individual rights and promoting limited government aren’t just buzzwords. Those are the constitutional obligations of our elected officials. The Arizona Constitution explains this clearly in Article II, Section 2. With 100 Ideas for 100 Days, the Goldwater Institute provides elected officials at all levels of government a stable of ideas that will help them in that purpose.

Arizona’s legislative session is supposed to last only 100 days, but since it has a tendency to run a little longer than that, this year we are offering 152 ideas that will help close the state’s unprecedented budget deficit, get the government back to basics, and allow entrepreneurs to create new jobs to help pull us out of recession.

This year we’re capitalizing on the start of a new decade with our “Top 10 for 2010.” These top ideas range from fundamental tax reform to policies the legislature can refer to the ballot and let voters decide this year. Each idea in this book can be enacted independently of any other and will put our state one step closer in the quest to “protect and maintain individual rights.”

A note to readers: To aid legislators, this book is organized according to legislative committee names. Each section begins with ideas that are new to the list this year. Legislators looking for budget reduction ideas should keep an eye out for the cost saver sign. To have an idea included in next year’s book, or for a briefing on any of these ideas, please contact Starlee Rhoades (srhoades@goldwaterinstitute.org) or the contact person listed with the idea.

Read 100 Ideas for 100 Days here

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