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Week in Review: Reparations Math?

With millions of students struggling to keep up in reading, math, and history, the public education establishment just unveiled its..

Week in Review: Honor the Heroes

Here’s how we can honor America’s fallen heroes, Goldwater Institute Vice President for Litigation Jon Riches, a Commander in the..

Constitutional Rights
Victory! Texas Mom Defeats Bureaucrats Who Demanded $7,000 for Bullying Records

Are public schools keeping children safe? A Texas school district demanded a concerned mom fork over more than $7,000 to..

Week in Review: Shakedown Shutdown

$1,300 to find out what your children are reading in school? Not if Goldwater has anything to say about it...

Gov. DeSantis Reins in Radical DEI, Follows Goldwater’s Lead

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis today signed a major new law to end the radical, racist political ideologies that are crippling..

Week in Review: Dr. Phil, Racism, and Our Kids

Former California teacher and 2022 Goldwater Institute Freedom Award winner Kali Fontanilla went on the popular TV show Dr. Phil..

On Dr. Phil Show, Teacher Exposes Truth of What’s Taught to Children

Parents have feared the worst: that public schools are indoctrinating their children with racist lessons that teach them to hate..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Joins Coalition Urging Congress to End Government Theft

The Goldwater Institute is urging congressional lawmakers to reform the federal civil asset forfeiture system, which allows the government to..

Week in Review: Garbage Bureaucrats?

He ran a thriving small business that filled a void in rural Arkansas—until the government got in the way and..

Week in Review: Children Need to Know

Black or white? Big city or small town? Ph.D. or GED? It doesn’t matter, because the American Dream is for..

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