SPN News: Goldwater Institute update (May/Jun 2011)

Posted on June 11, 2011 | Type: In the News
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In April, Arizona became the first state to adopt the Goldwater Institute's new blueprint for school choice: education savings accounts. ESAs give parents a portion of their child's education funding to pursue the option that best fits their child's needs, such as online classes or private school. The Institute designed ESAs specifically to withstand court challenges and hope other states with Blaine Amendments will pursue them, too. The Institute's lawsuit against Obamacare is the only one seeking to block the Independent Payment Advisory Board and has been featured in the Daily Caller, National Review Online and The Weekly Standard. Goldwater's Save Our Secret Ballot measure - which passed by double-digit margins last year in Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah and guarantees the right to a secret-ballot vote in union-organizing elections - has been challenged by the National Labor Relations Board. The Institute will see the NLRB in court.

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