SPN News: Goldwater Institute update (Nov/Dec 2011)

Posted on December 20, 2011 | Type: In the News
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Goldwater Institute's latest investigative report, "Money for Nothing: Phoenix Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Union Work," found that Phoenix spends
$3.7 million a year on salary and benefits for city employees to work exclusively for labor unions. The report was a central issue in a contested mayor's race, with both candidates saying the practice of "release time" must be stopped. This practice is common in union contracts nationwide and is ripe for investigative reporters to examine. Voters in Cave Creek, Ariz., thought they had a deal when they approved school bonds for new buildings. But a few years later, the school district tried to spend the money on something else. Goldwater challenged the move as a violation of the contracts clause and a judge agreed. Arizona now joins four other states in recognizing bond elections create contracts between governments and voters.

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