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  • Does Arizona Works Work? Welfare Reform in Arizona

    Posted on February 01, 2001 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Robert J. Franciosi

    Arizona Works is a four-year, pilot welfare reform program currently operating in the eastern part of Maricopa County, and soon starting in Mohave County. It has several important features that distinguish it from the state's regular welfare program EMPOWER Redesign, and make it one of the most innovative welfare reform programs in the nation.

  • Five Year Charter School Study - An Overview

    Posted on November 01, 2000 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Karla Phillips

    The Goldwater Institute's Center for Market-Based Education (CMBE) started this second component of a larger charter school impact project in December 1999. It provides an in-depth look at Arizona's most mature charter schools and how they have evolved during their first five years of operation. Since charter schools are a creation of public policy and exist through a contract with a public sponsor, we believe it is important to examine the evolution of charter schools within the context of the Arizona charter school law and the charter contracting process. For this reason we have included an evolution of the first five years of both the charter law and the charter contracting process.

  • How Urban Density Intensifies Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution

    Posted on October 01, 2000 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Wendell Cox

    Residents and public officials in urban areas around the world are concerned about traffic congestion and air pollution. Of the two problems, traffic congestion is the more intractable, because improved vehicle technologies are already having a dramatic effect on improving air quality.

  • The Economic Impact of Eliminating the Income Tax in Arizona

    Posted on September 01, 2000 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Debra Roubik

    This report examines the effects of eliminating the state's corporate and personal income tax on Arizona's economy. It finds that by the year 2016 eliminating the income tax would lead to a 42 percent increase in personal income above what may be expected under the present system. By that same year, 606,400 more jobs would be created. More importantly, more jobs would be created in sectors with annual wages that are higher than the statewide average. By increasing this proportion of high-paying jobs, Arizona's economy would be liberated from the stranglehold that low-paying service and retail jobs currently possess.

  • Light Rail in the Valley - What Awaits Voters at the End of the Line

    Posted on February 01, 2000 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Robert J. Franciosi

    Over the past 30 years, rail public transit has seen a revival in American cities; especially in cities in the Sun Belt and West that were formed by the automobile. The vast majority of studies indicates that any benefits from the new light rail systems could have been achieved in a more cost-effective, albeit less dramatic, manner through other means. The proposed Central Phoenix/East Valley Light Rail Project will lead to a deterioration in mobility, have little impact on air pollution and actually lead to an increase in energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases.

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