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  • The Healthy Families Program -- When Success Doesn't Really Mean Success

    Posted on January 01, 1996 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Mary Gifford

    No issue elicits more intensity, passion and emotion, yet generates so little honest discussion, as the question of how to address child abuse and neglect. Statistics and statements used to justify government programs that would be examined, analyzed and scrutinized anywhere else are considered untouchable here.

  • Arizona School Choice Trust - Survey of Participating Families

    Posted on January 01, 1996 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Tara Ellman

    The Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT) is a non-profit, privately funded program (modeled after one developed by the Golden Rule Insurance Company in Indianapolis) that awards grants covering half of private school tuition, up to $800, to children in Maricopa County. Families must meet the income requirements of the National School Lunch Program.

  • Nice Digs, Low Scores: The (lack of) Relationship Between Capital Costs and Student Performance

    Posted on December 01, 1995 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Mary Gifford

    The Goldwater Institute has long promoted reforms that will result in a more open, market-driven, decentralized approach to public education. Such an approach, of course, assumes a model for school finance that is dramatically different than what we have today.

  • Class Size and Student Achievement -- Is there a link?

    Posted on August 01, 1995 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Jeff Flake

    In this paper we study the prospect of improving student by lowering class size at the Kindergarten through third grade levels. Class size is often cited as a primary factor in student achievement; a student teacher ration of fifteen to one is often thought to be ideal. However, smaller classes and improved performance are primarily linked by conventional wisdom. We present and summarize evidence that this conventional wisdom is faulty.

  • A Survey of Arizona's Private Schools

    Posted on October 01, 1993 | Type: Policy Report | Author: Michael Coffey

    This report discusses the results of a telephone survey of private schools serving grades K-12 in Maricopa and Pima counties.

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