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100 Ideas for 100 Days 2011

November 12, 2014

Under the state constitution, Arizona’s elected officials have the responsibility to protect individual rights and promote limited government. The Goldwater Institute presents 100 Ideas for 100 Days so policymakers at every level of government can enter 2011 with a bundle of suggestions to increase the state’s prosperity and expand freedom.

The Goldwater Institute’s experts work throughout the year to research groundbreaking proposals to answer the challenges facing Arizona. In the past, ideas from these pages have inspired policies that benefit every Arizonan—policies to improve the teaching in our elementary schools, to let the public see government checkbooks online, and to strengthen the fundamental safeguards of private property ownership.

Over the next year, much attention will focus on balancing budgets and putting Arizonans back to work. 100 Ideas for 100 Days includes a number of innovative ways for elected officials to accomplish both. Every idea in this book can be enacted independently of any other, and each will put our state another step closer to the dynamic citadel of freedom that Arizona’s pioneers expected when they brought our state into the union nearly 100 years ago.

A note to readers: To aid legislators, this book is organized according to legislative committee names. Legislators looking for budget reduction ideas should keep an eye out for the “Money $aver” sign. To have an idea included in next year’s book, or for a briefing on any of these, please contact Starlee Rhoades, vice president of external affairs at (602) 462-5000 x 226 or or the contact person listed with an idea.

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