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Here’s How You Can Find Out What Your Government Is Up to

“An informed citizenry,” the U.S. Supreme Court wrote in a 1978 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case, is “vital to..

Constitutional Rights
Remembering the Heroes Who Gave Their Lives in Defense of Liberty

Throughout our nation this weekend, Americans will honor those who have fallen in defense of our country and our way..

Veterans embody the value of respect America needs

America’s service members have represented our country’s values and led in their realization since the birth of our nation. Even..


An Informed Citizenry downloadable PDF An Informed Citizenry endnotes.pdf (560.2 KB) Both nonprofit organizations and the traditional media have played..

Subsidies/ Corporate Welfare
Rozenblit v. Jersey City School District

QUICK STATUS Last Step Victory: the court denied the union’s motion to dismiss. Next Step Conduct discovery and depositions, and..

Subsidies/ Corporate Welfare
Pulliam v. Austin

QUICK STATUS Last Step Travis County District Court granted the union’s motion to dismiss against taxpayers. Next Step Appeal pending..

Free Speech
The Fight for Flyte

Congress is taking up legislation that would eliminate regulatory barriers that have preventing private pilots from using the Internet to..

Free Speech
An Assault on Nonprofit Giving

California Attorney General Kamala Harris wants to make it harder to donate to nonprofit organizations.  Several weeks ago, the organization..

Free Speech
The Cost of Charity:

How the Supreme Court Can Protect Private Giving

Subsidies/ Corporate Welfare
Hey EJ Montini,Defending taxpayers is not an attack on Police and Fire Departments!

Goldwater attorney: Defending taxpayers is not an attack on first responders.

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