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Constitutional Rights
A Warning to Governments in Lone Star State: Public Funds are for Public Purposes

In a crucial win for taxpayers in the Lone Star State—and throughout the country—the Texas Supreme Court issued a decision..

Constitutional Rights
Taxpayer Victory! AZ Supreme Court Rebukes Government Favoritism

The Arizona Supreme Court this morning sided with the Goldwater Institute, handing the state’s taxpayers a victory in a unanimous..

Constitutional Rights
Union Scheme to Steal Everyone Else’s Money Goes to Court

It’s one of the most corrupt and unlawful ways that the government provides favors to political benefactors and preferred special..

With Liberty Under Assault, Our Veterans Answered the Call

Today, we say thank you to America’s veterans. Between the deployments, the time away from loved ones, the moves, and the..

Constitutional Rights
Outrageous! Taxpayers Will Pay Randi Weingarten a Pension Because of Government’s Special Deals with Unions

New York taxpayers are on the hook to pay government pension benefits for teachers union boss Randi Weingarten — one..

Constitutional Rights
Honor the Heroes Who Sacrificed Everything in Defense of Liberty

This Memorial Day weekend, with humble gratitude, we thank the men and women who paid the ultimate price for liberty...

Latest News
How the States Can Fight Administrative Tyranny

Should fishermen be forced to pay the salaries of government-mandated observers to ensure that the fishermen comply with federal regulations?..

Constitutional Rights
Thank Our Veterans for Fighting to Preserve the Blessings of Liberty

The blessings we enjoy living in the greatest country the world has ever known must be fought for, daily. And..

Latest News
Here’s How You Can Find Out What Your Government Is Up to

“An informed citizenry,” the U.S. Supreme Court wrote in a 1978 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case, is “vital to..

Constitutional Rights
Remembering the Heroes Who Gave Their Lives in Defense of Liberty

Throughout our nation this weekend, Americans will honor those who have fallen in defense of our country and our way..

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