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Indian Child Welfare Act
A Modern-Day Civil Rights Fight with Echoes of the Past

by Adi DynarJanuary 15, 2019 What do an Alabama bus, the East Louisiana Railway Company, and a federal law affecting..

Free Speech
Is the Speech Straightjacket Constitutional?

by Adi Dynar September 12, 2018 You are a minor political party. It is important for you to get your..

Government Reform
Otters, Urchins, and Congressional Authority

by Adi Dynar August 23, 2018 Imagine you are a teenager and your parents left you in charge of the..

Arizona in Focus
Light Rail is Wrong for Arizona Taxpayers

by Adi Dynar August 21, 2018 In May 2017, Valley Metro published a report evaluating light rail expansion from Mesa..

Free Speech
Beauty and the Beast Now Playing on Tennessee’s Highways

by Adi Dynar April 13, 2018 Lady Bird Johnson believed that beautiful highways would make the United States a better..

Speak Up Against Government Corruption–Get Banished

by Adi Dynar March 23, 2018 Lawful, peaceful protest is the bulwark of open and honest discussion of current issues...

Free Speech
Cities Across the Nation Continue to Violate the First Amendment and Property Rights

by Adi Dynar March 16, 2018 This week, the Goldwater Institute had filed an amicus brief in a case to..

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