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Constitutional Rights
Liberty Movement Rallies to Goldwater’s Side In Defense of Dad’s Right to Record Government

Organizations in the liberty movement are rallying to the Goldwater Institute’s side in defense of a Boston-area dad’s right to..

Constitutional Rights
Tucson Teachers Union Threats Illegal Strike—Goldwater Demands Answers

The largest teachers union in Tucson, Ariz., seems confused about whom schools exist to serve: teachers or students. Recently, the..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Urges Supreme Court to Give Parents Their Day in Court

Parents deserve to know what’s happening to their children in public schools, but a Maryland school district enacted a policy..

Constitutional Rights
Tennessee Dad’s Rights Vindicated in Federal Court Decision

A dad in Tennessee was unfairly banned from attending his daughter’s softball games—all because he sent a message to his..

Constitutional Rights
Can Parents Really Parent When Public Schools Cut Them Out?

Is my child going to be OK? It’s one of the most basic, yet crucial questions a parent can ask,..

Constitutional Rights
Florida School Hides Child’s ‘Gender Transition’—Goldwater Stands Up for Parents

A Florida mom and dad were shocked to find out that officials at their 13-year-old daughter’s middle school had secretly..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Urges Federal Court to Protect Dad’s Right to Speak to Daughter’s Coach

A Tennessee public high school banned a dad from attending his daughter’s softball games—all because he sent a text message..

Constitutional Rights
Massachusetts School Hides Pre-Teens’ ‘Gender Identity’ from Parents—and Goldwater Takes Action

Two Massachusetts parents were blindsided when they learned that middle school officials had been referring to their two pre-teens by..

Maine School Hides ‘Gender Transition’–Goldwater Stands Up for Mom

Maine mom Amber Lavigne is demanding answers: a public school not only kept her 13-year-old daughter’s “gender transition” a secret,..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Defends Donor Privacy Against Unconstitutional AZ Prop 211

Everyone has the right to support the causes they believe in without fear of harassment or retaliation. But that right..

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