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I’m a Teacher. My Position on Curriculum Transparency Might Surprise You.

March 7, 2022 By Jessica McDermitt There’s a debate raging in America: Should teachers be required to post their curriculum..

Week in Review: Putin’s War on Freedom

It seems almost unimaginable. This week, the world and our federal government sat idly by as Russian President Vladimir Putin..

I’m a Teacher. Here’s How My School Tried to Indoctrinate Children

By Kali Fontanilla February 15, 2022   Last year, I left my job as a public high school teacher in..

How the FDA Made Me Move to Italy to Save My Daughter’s Life

In March of 2020, my family got the news that would forever change all of our lives: My daughter Olivia,..

Teacher Blows the Whistle on Critical Race Theory in California Schools

During the 2020 fall semester, Kali Fontanilla—a high school English language teacher working in the Salinas, California, school district—noticed that..

Right to Try
New Right to Try Law “A Chance at Healing”

Kendra Riley is a mother in Arizona whose family has firsthand experience with cutting-edge, individualized medical treatments. She’s testifying before..

VIDEO: We Can Keep Radical Politics Out of the Classroom with the Academic Transparency Act

January 26, 2022 Across the country, kids are being exposed to radical political content in America’s K-12 classrooms, and many..

EXPOSED: New Video Reveals the Truth About Critical Race Theory

January 21, 2022 Is the American Dream only meant for some, but not for others? Are some Americans doomed to..

Right to Try
Remembering Tracy ‘Gypsy’ Beach, a Tireless Advocate for Right to Try

January 19, 2022 All of us at the Goldwater Institute are mourning the loss of a dear friend, Tracy “Gypsy”..

Arizona in Focus
League of AZ Cities Lobbies Against Taxpayers’ Interests – On Taxpayers’ Dime

January 18, 2022 Taxpayer dollars should be used to advance the public good, not to bankroll lobbyists who advocate against..

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