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Brian Norman

Why Arizona Law Forces Us to Build Only the Most Expensive Homes

Want to buy a home in Arizona? Good luck with those rising prices and resulting sky-high monthly payments. Thinking better of buying..

Constitutional Rights
VICTORY! Idaho Becomes Latest State to End Judicial Deference to Administrative State

In a punishing blow against unelected bureaucrats, Gov. Brad Little signed legislation today that ensures fairness in the judicial system..

Let Tennessee Developers Pay for Third-Party Inspectors so They Can Build More Housing

It’s a huge problem everywhere, but especially in Tennessee: There just isn’t enough housing, and the homes that are available..

Constitutional Rights
Victory! Nebraska Ends Judicial Deference to Bureaucrats & Protects Donor Privacy

In a victory for individual liberty, Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen this week signed landmark legislation that strengthens separation of powers,..

Constitutional Rights
Victory! Indiana Ends Judicial Deference to Unelected Government Bureaucrats

This week, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed legislation that strikes a major blow against the Administrative State—the army of unelected..

Oklahoma Governor Signs Executive Order Pushing Back Against DEI in Higher Ed

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt yesterday signed an executive order aimed at combating the malign influence of discriminatory diversity, equity, and..

Nevada Legislators Advance Goldwater’s Landmark Right to Try Expansion

The Nevada Assembly Committee on Health and Human Services took decisive action this week to advance the Goldwater Institute’s Right..

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