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Jenna Bentley

SB1087 Helps Hardworking Arizonans by Ending Onerous Overcollection of Licensing Fees

Arizona has led the nationwide charge for employment opportunity, following the Goldwater Institute’s blueprint for getting government out of the..

Prop 132 Protects Arizonans from Economic Chaos

It should always be hard to increase taxes, especially when families and small businesses can least afford it. Today, inflation..

Goldwater Institute Joins Coalition Supporting Election Integrity Initiative

August 18, 2021By Jenna Bentley Arizonans have an opportunity to strengthen their elections with the Arizonans for Voter ID Act,..

A Toast…to Cutting Unnecessary Regulations

May 21, 2021By Jenna Bentley If there has been a silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been the..

Jobs & Economy
Goldwater Bill Reducing Barriers to Earning a Living Becomes Law in Arizona

May 7, 2021By Jenna Bentley Regardless of their political affiliation, every policymaker should strive to make it easier for Americans..

Goldwater’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Heads to AZ Governor’s Desk

April 28, 2021By Jenna Bentley In Arizona, government can take your car, your cash, even your house and hold it..

Arizona in Focus
Arizona Government Must Be More Responsive to Citizens under New Goldwater Institute Law

April 16, 2021By Jenna Bentley Almost anyone who has dealt with the government can tell you that customer service is..

New Goldwater-Backed Law Ensures Arizonans Better Understand the Consequences of Their Votes

April 15, 2021By Jenna Bentley A new Arizona law backed by the Goldwater Institute will help make the state’s voters..

Goldwater’s Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Moves Forward

February 18, 2021By Jenna Bentley Today, the Goldwater Institute’s reform of civil asset forfeiture in Arizona took an important step..

NEW REPORT: Tracking the Numbers on Government Theft of Private Property

December 17, 2020By Jenna Bentley Originally created as part of many states’ Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) statutes,..

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