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Constitutional Rights
Victory Over CRT Is Within Grasp. Here’s How Civics Can Prevail.

Will Critical Race Theory (CRT) conquer America’s constitutional system? Will the gurus of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) drag the..

Academic Transparency to Protect Students from Radical Politics in K–12 Education

The Key Takeaway To avoid the politicization of classroom materials and put parents’ minds at ease, school leaders should prioritize..

New Poll: Arizonans Oppose Race-Based Discrimination in Public Ed, Overwhelmingly Support HCR 2001

Arizona lawmakers can put the left’s race-based radicalism on a collision course with voters this November, and new statewide polling..

How to Reduce Politicization in U.S. Schools

It generally pays to listen, even—or especially—to your opponents. So when it comes to the battles raging over critical race..

Reject Left’s Racial Quotas with HCR2001

Teaching kids “Critical Race Theory” is bad enough, but putting it into practice is even worse. That’s why Arizona voters..

AZ State Polling, Policymakers Affirm Parents’ Call for Academic Transparency

Arizona has taken a giant step toward passing a new law that would help ensure parents know what is being..

How the Education Establishment Botched COVID-19 and Boosted the School Choice Movement

For the past two years, America’s most powerful teachers’ unions have sought to capitalize on the nation’s response to the..

Sunshine States Bringing Light to School Curricula

Just days after the Arizona State Senate passed the landmark Academic Transparency Act, policymakers in Florida have chalked up another..

Arizona Senate Passes Goldwater-Backed Academic Transparency Reform

March 14, 2022 By Matt Beienburg Arizona lawmakers and the Goldwater Institute scored a major victory today for parents, students,..

News Media Joins the War Against Academic Transparency

March 8, 2022By Matt Beienburg Parents across the country are demanding to know what is being taught in K-12 schools,..

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