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Matt Beienburg

Anti-School Choice Group ‘Save Our Schools’ Endorses Racial Discrimination

The Arizona state senate advanced a historic measure this week to protect racial equality and prohibit public agencies from discriminating..

‘School Choice’ & Homeschool Families Must Fight Together

President Reagan once famously quipped, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government, and..

States Winning on School Choice, Tee Up Academic Transparency

2023 has opened the floodgates of educational freedom. Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ “Arkansas LEARNS” package cleared both chambers of her..

Anti-ESA Governor Is Living Endorsement of School Choice

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs is, in spite of herself, perhaps the greatest living billboard for empowerment scholarship accounts (ESAs) in..

New York Times Uses Groupthink, Not Evidence, To Claim ‘DEI’ Works

As the Supreme Court appears poised to strike down decades of racially discriminatory affirmative-action policy, The New York Times’ “The..

Strengthen School Choice with Academic Transparency

Red state lawmakers are racing for runner-up regarding school choice. Still, those who care about ideological indoctrination in our public..

AZ School Districts Now Pull $2,000 More Per Pupil Than Charter Schools

As Arizona lawmakers lifted the spending limits on school districts this week, the state’s charter schools continue to do more..

Refuting the New (Even Less Convincing) Scare Tactics Against ESAs in Arizona

First, the left told us that school choice would decimate the funding of public education. But then, Arizona passed the..

Time to End the Manufactured Shortages in K-12 Education

This article was originally posted by Discourse Magazine for National School Choice Week. Artificial scarcity is keeping students and families..

Iowa Secures School Choice, Tees Up Academic Transparency

Last year, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds called on state lawmakers to give families more options in education and to establish..

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