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Collective Bargaining/Paycheck Protection

Collective Bargaining/Paycheck Protection
Goldwater Institute Files Amicus Brief with Supreme Court in Friedrichs v. California Teacher’s Association

Institute says Supreme Court should rule in favor of non-union teachers challenging union dues requirement

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$50 Billion Tidal Wave: How Unfunded Pensions Could Overwhelm Arizona Taxpayers

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In a period when financial markets and institutions have appeared near collapse, the accounting methods used by public..

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Goldwater Institute Sues: State Bars are Unconstitutional Mandatory Unions

State bars are acquiring a chilling reputation for misusing the dues of attorneys forced to join them, including using those dues to target conservative attorneys. Right-leaning attorneys are frequently disbarred and disciplined for actions completely unrelated to the practice of law, a gross overreach of power. Oddly, even though there is no realistic difference between state bars and unions, the former still exist in a mandatory capacity in over half the states - including right-to-work states.

Collective Bargaining/Paycheck Protection
Snow shovels needed for Goodyear city council

It rarely snows in the Valley — especially in October. But the Goodyear city council is about to get snowed by United Goodyear Fire Department Local 4005.

Collective Bargaining/Paycheck Protection
The real lesson to learn from Ohio

Although labor unions have been trumpeting their success in overturning Ohio’s ban on public sector collective bargaining after it was referred to the ballot in last week’s election, their victory was more about voter confusion than political strength. They successfully obscured the critical distinction between private sector and public sector unions. That distinction makes all the difference because it is precisely what justifies a ban on collective bargaining in the public sector that could never be justified in the private sector.

Collective Bargaining/Paycheck Protection
Public sector collective bargaining threatens right to work states too

Despite claims that “right to work” states do not recognize collective bargaining by public employees, the truth is that “meet and confer” laws are collective bargaining laws. And that has big ramifications for longsuffering taxpayers nationwide.

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Save Taxpayers Tens of Billions of Dollars: End Government-Sector Collective Bargaining

Civil servants should serve the public. Honest politicians must end policies and agreements that put their interests and those of government employees ahead of those of citizens at large. This report shows how.

Collective Bargaining/Paycheck Protection
Time to End the ‘Meet and Confer’ Shakedown

Government unions claim “meet and confer” collective bargaining only promotes innocent brainstorming between government employees and employers about work conditions. But in reality, as with any other collective bargaining law, meet and confer laws legalize a shakedown of the taxpayer.

Collective Bargaining/Paycheck Protection

It’s no secret that government unions need reform. Government workers earn nearly twice as much as their private sector counterparts, and taxpayers are paying for it. These inflated salaries and benefits are threatening to bankrupt Arizona cities. On top of that, unions spend millions to influence the outcome of elections, estimated to be $400 million this year alone, and support issues that are at odds with the limited government policies you and I support.

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