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October 30, 2014

It’s no secret that government unions need reform. Government workers earn nearly twice as much as their private sector counterparts, and taxpayers are paying for it. These inflated salaries and benefits are threatening to bankrupt Arizona cities. On top of that, unions spend millions to influence the outcome of elections, estimated to be $400 million this year alone, and support issues that are at odds with the limited government policies you and I support.

The vast majority of that money comes from dues that are automatically deducted from workers’ paychecks. Right now when a government employee joins a union, a portion of his paycheck is redirected to the union to pay dues. The problem is that workers are never asked again if they want to keep paying those dues. The money is deducted automatically, forever.

We want unions to ask permission once each year to keep collecting dues from government employee paychecks. Those who want to keep paying may do so, and those who don’t will be able to stop. It will be up to the worker how they pay their dues, not their union boss.

We need your help. Will you make one phone call today to help pass a bill that would give government workers “paycheck protection?”

Six other states have passed this reform and we know what happens: union spending on political activity plummets.

If we could pass this measure in Arizona there would be fewer union-funded lawsuits against limited government reforms passed by the Legislature and voters. It would also help Arizona get government worker pensions and benefits in-line with the private sector. With less money at their disposal to oust courageous elected officials who vote for pension and benefit changes, we could make real progress in getting Arizona cities and towns back on sound financial footing.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Please call the Speaker of the House, Andy Tobin from Prescott, and ask him to let the “paycheck protection” bill come up for a vote. You can reach Speaker Tobin at (602) 926-5172.

2. Once you’ve called the Speaker, please call the state representatives who represent you and tell them you support paycheck protection, House Bill 2103, and ask them to vote yes. There is no need to call your state senator—they have already passed the bill. You can find out who your state representatives are by clicking here.

The unions are fighting this reform tooth and nail, and we know legislators need to hear from regular taxpayers. I hope you will please take just one minute today to make your voice heard.

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