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Constitutional Limits

Constitutional Limits
Goldwater Victory Puts an End to Arizona’s Massive Prop. 208 Tax Hike

A Maricopa County judge this morning issued an injunction in the Goldwater Institute’s lawsuit against Proposition 208 which blocks enforcement..

Arizona in Focus
Goldwater Defeats Massive Tax Hike

The Goldwater Institute won a major court victory today, defeating the largest tax hike in Arizona’s history. The decision by..

Arizona in Focus
Goldwater to Court: Strike Down Biden’s Ban on State Tax Cuts

January 14, 2022 By Jacob Huebert President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act gives states billions for COVID-19 relief, but..

Arizona in Focus
Goldwater Fights Pro-Tax Forces, Asks AZ Supreme Court to Enforce Constitution

January 13, 2022 By Timothy Sandefur The Goldwater Institute yesterday filed a brief with the Arizona Supreme Court urging the..

Constitutional Limits
The New Newspeak: How Social Justice is Politicizing Language

July 21, 2021By Timothy Sandefur “Mothers” are “birthing persons”? “Equity” is replacing “equality?” In the latest installment of Stossel TV,..

Constitutional Limits
Critical Race Theory or the American Dream – A Goldwater Institute Event

Rioters topple statues of our Founding Fathers, activists are rewriting school textbooks, mobs are eroding the freedom of speech, and..

Arizona in Focus
Governor Ducey Signs Goldwater’s Sweeping Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill

May 5, 2021by Victor Riches Today marks a great day for due process and property rights in Arizona. With Governor..

Constitutional Limits
The Administrative State: What Does the Future Hold for Economic Freedom and Property Rights?

November 24, 2020By Timothy Sandefur Americans have become increasingly conscious of the power of federal and state bureaucracies—unelected agencies that..

Arizona in Focus
The Torch of Freedom Cannot Be Extinguished

To the surprise of no one, the outcome of yesterday’s presidential election is not yet clear, with some suggesting it..

Tracking Release Time, State by State

States, cities, counties, and school districts across the country routinely allow government employees to be exempted from their official duties to..

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