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Live Webinar! You’re Not Alone: The Conservative Woman’s Guide to College

The Goldwater Institute is proud to host Karin Lips, the founder of the Network of enlightened Women for an exciting..

11/3: Goldwater 2023 Annual Dinner & 35th Anniversary Celebration

Please join us for the Goldwater Institute’s Annual Dinner & 35th Anniversary celebration featuring Senator Ted Cruz on Friday, November..

JOIN US: A Is for the American Dream Book Celebration

Please join the Goldwater Institute and Love Your School for this special book celebration to kick off Constitution Day weekend!..

RSVP Today! ‘A Is for the American Dream’ Book Launch

America is a land of opportunity, where anyone can succeed, no matter their beginnings. This is the heart of the..

American Freedom—Sunk Without a Trace? Not if They Have Anything to Say About It

I spoke Thursday at the Goldwater Institute about the three remarkable women who jump-started the movement for individual liberty in..

Celebrating Three Women Who Transformed American Freedom

Goldwater Institute Vice President for Legal Affairs Timothy Sandefur will join the America’s Future Foundation (AFF) for two events celebrating..

Event: Three Women Who Sparked a Revolution

In 1943, three books appeared that transformed American politics—all written by remarkable women. They were The God of the Machine..

Betsy DeVos: Goldwater Leads the Fight for Education Freedom

It’s more than just a hopeful outlook. “I’ve never been so optimistic about the future of education freedom,” former U.S...

Goldwater 2022 Annual Dinner: Fighting for Freedom—and Winning

In defense of liberty—it’s a lofty-sounding ideal. But truly defending liberty—safeguarding the precious ideals that have lifted millions of Americans..

The Lessons of Hong Kong for the Future of Freedom

Hong Kong entrepreneur and journalist Jimmy Lai is serving time in a Chinese jail for his outspoken opposition to the..

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