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Constitutional Rights
Flagstaff, AZ, Censors Navy Veteran’s Gun Range Ad—Goldwater Fights Back

There’s a harmless ad that the city government of Flagstaff, Ariz., doesn’t want you to see, and the city is..

Arizona Republic: Diversity statements are finally on their way out at ASU

Phil Boas, an editorial columnist for The Arizona Republic, wrote about the Arizona Board of Regents’ decision that Arizona’s public..

Constitutional Rights
VICTORY! Court Orders Phoenix to Stop Censoring People for the Super Bowl

The Goldwater Institute scored a major victory for residents and business owners in downtown Phoenix this morning when an Arizona..

Constitutional Rights
Super Bowl Censorship Suspended: Phoenix Agrees to Court Order Blocking Unconstitutional Law

An Arizona trial judge this morning issued an order barring the city of Phoenix from enforcing its Super Bowl censorship..

Constitutional Rights
Super Bowl Censorship: Goldwater Sues City of Phoenix for Letting NFL Suppress Speech

Censored…by the NFL? As Phoenix prepares to host Super Bowl LVII festivities next month, the city government has given the..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Defends Donor Privacy Against Unconstitutional AZ Prop 211

Everyone has the right to support the causes they believe in without fear of harassment or retaliation. But that right..

Constitutional Rights
Super Bowl Suppression: Phoenix Gov’t Lets NFL Censor Free Speech

Want to communicate with the public on your own property in downtown Phoenix? You’d better get permission from the National..

Constitutional Rights
Can Public Employee Unions Forbid You from Resigning?

The Goldwater Institute this week filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in support of a group of California..

Constitutional Rights
EXPOSED: Goldwater Uncovers the University of Arizona’s ‘Surveillance State’ Secrets

Colleges throughout the country have set up anonymous reporting systems where students inform on their peers to campus authorities, creating..

Constitutional Rights
What Is the University of Arizona Hiding?

Orwellian. It’s a word that aptly describes the University of Arizona’s campus reporting apparatus, which encourages students to snitch on..

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