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Free Speech

No Students, Your Encampment Is Not an Exercise of Free Speech

College student “encampments” are spreading—and serve as a blatant illustration of the immaturity of this entitled generation of college students...

Constitutional Rights
To Combat Campus Anti-Semitism, End DEI

 “The 7th of October is going to be every day for you!” the masked man bellows at a Jewish woman...

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Fights for Free Speech in Oregon Federal Court

The Goldwater Institute was in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals this week to continue protecting our First Amendment rights,..

Constitutional Rights
School’s Outrageous Actions Spur Dad to Supreme Court Appeal

Boston-area dad Scott Pitta wanted to get his public school district on the record after it tried to arbitrarily remove..

Constitutional Rights
Victory! Goldwater Compels School District to Stop Blacklisting Conservative Reporter

In a victory for free speech, the Goldwater Institute has compelled the Flagstaff Unified School District to stop unconstitutionally blacklisting..

Social Media Companies Have Free Speech Rights, Too

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in a pair of cases challenging laws in Texas and Florida that sharply..

Constitutional Rights
Gun Range v. Government Censorship

U.S. Navy veteran Rob Wilson spent more than 20 years defending the U.S. Constitution. But when Rob found his own..

Constitutional Rights
One Arizona Town Is the Progressive Pioneer of Controlling Online Speech

This story was originally published at AZ Free News. Big Brother is alive and well in one Arizona town, where..

Constitutional Rights
Flagstaff School District Blacklists Conservative Reporter

The First Amendment doesn’t make exceptions for viewpoints the government doesn’t like. But in Arizona, the Flagstaff Unified School District..

Constitutional Rights
Social Media Companies Have First Amendment Rights, Too

The Goldwater Institute today filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court urging the justices to uphold the free speech..

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