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Investigative Reports

Investigative Reports
The Political Power of Government Unions: How Reforming Release Time Is an Uphill Battle

The teachers union in Florida’s Miami-Dade County spent a lot of time and money to make sure Christi Fraga did..

Investigative Reports
What Do These Government Workers Do All Day?

Read the first report in this series, Money for Nothing. Read the second report in this series, Failure to Track Release Time..

Investigative Reports
Tracking Release Time

Release time is a widespread. Here’s how we got answers. RETURN TO THE MAIN STORY  Tracking Release Time No one..

DERELICTION OF DUTY: Military Spouses Struggle to Earn A Living Despite ‘Feel-Good’ Licensing Laws

Download a PDF of the Report “My turn.” The words echo through the frustrated minds of military spouses every day...

Gagged: Feds Use Criminal Charges, Threats to Silence Drugmakers

Download a PDF of the report Semantic Shakedown Semantics and a quarter of an inch nearly ruined Howard Root’s life..

City Court: Misdemeanor Convictions Lead to Lifelong, “Beyond Horrific Consequences

Download the Full Report Here Life used to be promising for Julie. She had finished two years of college and..

City Court: Arizona Cities Continue to Prosecute People Under Illegal Statute

Click Here to Download Full Report Cities across Arizona continue to prosecute people who fail to produce identification to police..

City Court: Shaky Cases Still Get “Rubber Stamp” Convictions in Traffic Court

Click Here to Download Report The Mesa police officer who ticketed Donald Salter for speeding recounted a detailed conversation the..

Judges Believe Police Claims and Ignore Video Proof

Click Here to Download Report According to police reports, Rene Granados tried to prevent police in Bullhead City from arresting..

City Court: ‘Outrageous’ Police Conduct Not a Concern for Scottsdale Judge

Click Here to Download Report Click Here to view the staged traffic stop by Scottsdale police Scottsdale police set out..

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