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Constitutional Rights
Tennessee Stopped Her from Earning a Living – So We’re Defending Her Rights in Court

Government bureaucrats have no business stopping qualified professionals from doing their jobs. But that’s exactly what the Tennessee state government’s..

Opportunity Awaits: Here’s How Americans Are Finding the Economic Freedom They Crave

“Brace yourself” for an economic “hurricane,” says JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon, who recently weighed in on the daunting economic..

Jobs & Economy
Missouri Legislature Stands Up for Small Businesses

In exciting news out of the Show-Me state, Missouri’s legislature has approved sweeping protections for small businesses by adopting the..

Constitutional Rights
Taxpayer Victory! AZ Supreme Court Denies Pro-Tax Forces’ Challenge to Goldwater’s Flat Tax

The Arizona Supreme Court today delivered a big victory for taxpayers with a brief decision that blocks efforts by pro-tax..

Constitutional Rights
Arizona Bucks Government’s Heavy Hand—and Americans Are Moving There in Droves

High unemployment. Overregulation. Crippling taxation. It’s the same old story in too many states—a challenging economic climate is made worse..

Jobs & Economy
Taxpayer Victory! Gov. Ducey Signs Goldwater Institute’s Release Time Reform Act

In a major victory for taxpayers, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey today signed a first-in-the-nation Goldwater Institute law that implements much-needed..

Constitutional Rights
Liberty in Action: Goldwater Leads the Fight for America’s Future

For 250 years, our country has fought against tyranny and oppression across the globe. We’ve spread the ideas of freedom..

Jobs & Economy
By Rejecting a Record Tax Increase, Arizona Chooses a Better Path

Earlier this month, a trial-court judge in Phoenix drove a stake through Arizona’s largest tax increase: Proposition 208. The decision brought..

Constitutional Rights
Wall Street Journal: A Big Taxpayer Victory in Arizona

The Wall Street Journal editorial board makes it clear: The Goldwater Institute just struck a resounding blow against leftists who..

Arizona in Focus
Arizonans Should be Free to Work – and to Challenge Bureaucratic Overreach

January 6, 2022 By Timothy Sandefur This week the Goldwater Institute filed a brief urging the Arizona Supreme Court to review..

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