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Constitutional Rights
Louisiana House Advances Bill to Break Down Barriers to Work

This week, Louisiana House lawmakers voted to ease licensing burdens for skilled workers by advancing a reform to universally recognize..

Workers Welcome: Nebraska Legislators Cut Red Tape with Universal Recognition

Today, the Nebraska legislature approved a sweeping licensing reform designed to help hardworking professionals get to work faster by universally..

Constitutional Rights
Happy 112th Birthday, Arizona!

It’s Arizona Statehood Day—that means today is Arizona’s 112th birthday! Arizona became the 48th state to join the union, but it wasn’t..

From Dismantling DEI to Safeguarding Right to Earn a Living, States Look to Goldwater

2024 legislative sessions are underway in dozens of states, and policymakers are once again looking to Arizona—and the Goldwater Institute—for..

Goldwater Puts Tucson on Notice to Repeal Illegal ‘Prevailing Wage’ Mandate

It’s a costly, burdensome policy that excludes qualified businesses from competing for public-works contracts. Decades of data and research show..

Constitutional Rights
Goldwater Sues Phoenix Over Yet Another Illegal ‘Prevailing Wage’ Mandate

Just months after the Goldwater Institute defeated Phoenix’s last attempt to force an illegal “prevailing wage” mandate on businesses, the..

Constitutional Rights
9,000 Arizonans and Counting Free to Work Thanks to Goldwater-Led Universal Recognition

Over 9,000 professionals have applied for and been granted a license to work in Arizona thanks to the Goldwater Institute-led..

Constitutional Rights
Breaking Through Barriers: Doctor Fights for Right to Earn a Living

Imagine dedicating years of your life to mastering your profession, only to move to a new state and find your..

Constitutional Rights
Biden Administration Continues Its Assault on American Workers

If you thought 2024 would bring a reprieve from the Biden administration’s assault on American workers, think again. Two new..

Goldwater to Congress: Cut Taxes—and Don’t Micromanage the Economy

Amid an uncertain economic climate, with persistent inflation and sky-high interest rates, the last thing hardworking Americans need is the..

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