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Goldwater Fights Special Interests’ Deceptive Debt Cancellation Scheme

Arizona is ground zero for yet another deceptive ballot initiative that would inflict untold economic damage on the state—and the..

Week in Review: Parent-Free Zone

Closed to the public—parents not welcome. That’s the message the South Kingstown school district sent Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas..

Rhode Island Mom Sues School District Over Secret Meetings

Closed to the public—parents not welcome. That’s the message the South Kingstown School Committee sent Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas..

Week In Review: Funding Flood Fiasco

It was an “unfathomable institutional failure.” As featured on Fox News, the Goldwater Institute has uncovered the failure of the..

Goldwater Demands Answers on NY School District’s $31K ‘Equity’ Splurge

Where did the money actually go? That’s a question the Goldwater Institute is asking of New York’s Rye City School..

New Goldwater Report Reveals How AZ Public School Spending Surged During Pandemic

On March 12, 2020, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the nation’s first statewide closure of K-12 schools to “slow the..

Week In Review: Who’s on This Secret Government Blacklist?

No judge. No jury. No due process. The government unjustly prosecuted Tucson mom Sarra L. for parenting her child. Now,..

Goldwater Endorses K-12 Standards That Teach Children About Liberty

There’s a troubling trend taking place in far too many public schools nationwide: Children aren’t being taught the founding principles..

Constitutional Rights
What Is the University of Arizona Hiding?

Orwellian. It’s a word that aptly describes the University of Arizona’s campus reporting apparatus, which encourages students to snitch on..

Constitutional Rights
Arizona Mom Fights Abusive Prosecution by Department of Child Safety

PHOENIX— On Friday, an Arizona mother filed suit against the Arizona Department of Child Safety to defend her right to due..

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