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Goldwater Will Defend Taxpayers’ Rights in AZ Supreme Court—AGAIN!

The Arizona Supreme Court last night agreed to hear the Goldwater Institute’s lawsuit on behalf of taxpayers challenging the constitutionality..

Family’s Story Highlights Need for Right to Try Expansion

Imagine hearing devastating news about your child’s health and knowing that a potentially lifesaving treatment exists, but that bureaucratic red..

Constitutional Rights
VICTORY! Phoenix Judge Declares Homeless ‘Zone’ Illegal—Orders City to Abate Nuisance

A Maricopa County judge declared Phoenix’s homeless “Zone” an illegal public nuisance this afternoon after property and business owners in..

Over 8,000 Free to Work in AZ Thanks to Goldwater-Led Universal License Recognition

Over 8,000 professionals have applied for and been granted a license to work in Arizona thanks to the Goldwater Institute-led..

In Your Heart You Know to VOTE GOLDWATER

It’s not 1964, it’s 2022—but we need you to vote Goldwater! When California teacher Kali Fontanilla discovered her public school..

Constitutional Rights
Tennessee Stopped Her from Earning a Living – So We’re Defending Her Rights in Court

Government bureaucrats have no business stopping qualified professionals from doing their jobs. But that’s exactly what the Tennessee state government’s..

Constitutional Limits
Goldwater Victory Puts an End to Arizona’s Massive Prop. 208 Tax Hike

A Maricopa County judge this morning issued an injunction in the Goldwater Institute’s lawsuit against Proposition 208 which blocks enforcement..

John Locke and Ayn Rand’s Conceptions of Freedom

March 1, 2022 The English political philosopher John Locke is widely regarded as the philosophical godfather of the American Revolution...

Maestros Advierten Que La Teoría Crítica De La Raza Se Encuentra En Las Escuelas Californianas

Durante el semestre otoñal del año 2020, Kali Fontanilla—una maestra de inglés de una preparatoria del distrito escolar de Salinas,..

Wall Street Journal: Ducey’s Flat Tax and Arizona’s Future

Arizona was in the national spotlight this week after the state legislature approved the Goldwater Institute’s plan to dramatically reduce..

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