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Calling on Senator Flake to Support the Roll Back of Title II Net Neutrality Rules

September 12, 2017

July 27, 2017

Dear Senator Jeff Flake:

The Goldwater Institute devotes itself to protecting a constitutionally limited government respected by the left and right for its adherence to principle and real world impact. We drive our results by working daily in courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and strengthen the freedom guaranteed in our home of Arizona and Nationwide.

Recently we have become aware of a troubling issue. We are referring to the Federal Communication Commission’s Title II Net Neutrality Rules. Through our work to reform burdensome agency regulations we have seen time and time again how a well-meaning policy, meant to protect the public, expands into excessive governmental control. Title II will become another example of excessive regulation doing damage to an industry.

The internet is one of the last free market places of ideas and commerce. It has been instrumental in fostering growth and innovation with no government overreach. Inventors and entrepreneurs alike, many of whom could not afford a traditional brick and mortar store, have found success and support in the internet. Successes that have fundamentally changed American’s day-to-day lives for the better. It is imperative that Congress roll back the previous administration’s executive agency regulations through legislation. While protecting internet privacy is a bi-partisan issue it is also one that must leave a small governmental footprint. This can be done so by ensuring any new internet policies go through the proper channel of the legislative process and are not at the sole discretion of a regulatory agency.

Thank you for supporting the roll-back of Title II. It is important that we not allow the FCC to become the gatekeeper of a vital tool like the open internet.

Thank you for your service and support.


Jenna Bentley

Director of External Affairs

Goldwater Institute



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