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Congress School District v. Warren (defense of parents seeking public records)

November 11, 2014

We successfully defended parents who were outrageously attacked by the school district simply for asking for information about their children’s education. Concerned parents and grandparents asked Congress School District for documents about what their kids were learning in school, how their kids were performing, and discussions at public school district meetings. Officials not only refused to turn over the information, but sued the parents for being a “nuisance” and sought to limit the parents’ ability to request information in the future. We argued that parents have a legal right to request public records and information about their kids’ education, and school districts have a legal duty to respond. Officials can’t abuse the legal system to intimidate parents and keep them in the dark. Both the trial court and court of appeals ruled in favor of the Institute, ruling that “It would defy the purpose of our public records law to deny the public rightful access to information on how the district is conducting its functions on the tenuous ground that requesting such lawful access constituted a public nuisance.”

Case Documents:

Motion to Dismiss (3/11/2010)
Amended Complaint (3/24/2010)
Reply on Motion to Dismiss (4/2/2010)
Decision on Motion to Dismiss (4/15/2010)
Motion for Summary Judgment (8/18/2010)
Appellees’ Response Brief (8/23/2010)
Response to Cross Motion for Summary Judgment (10/21/2010)
Court of Appeals decision



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