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Our Plan to Revitalize America and Recover from Coronavirus

Goldwater has a comprehensive plan to meet our country’s needs—and we have a proven track record of success.

America is facing a crisis unlike any other. For our country to quickly move through this pandemic, our policymakers need solutions, and Americans need the freedom to recover. The Goldwater Institute has issued a series of Principles for Reopening America, which you can read here.

We also have a comprehensive plan to meet our country’s needs—and we have a proven track record of success. Here’s our plan to revitalize America.

1. Help find a treatment—and hopefully a cure

  • Speed the development and use of innovative treatments by reforming the federal government’s slow-moving and outdated drug approval process.
  • Ensure doctors have the best information to treat patients by removing restrictions on how valuable medical information is shared.
  • Expand access to healthcare by eliminating laws that restrict the number of hospitals, promoting telemedicine, and ensuring that healthcare professionals can work across state lines.

Read about our plan to expand Americans’ access to healthcare.

2. Ensure children receive the education they deserve

  • Empower parents to give their children an education that fits their unique needs by expanding school choice options.
  • Give students and families the educational flexibility they need to weather this crisis by offering Education Savings Accounts (ESA).
  • Equip parents with knowledge about what their children are learning in the classroom by boosting transparency in K-12 curriculum.

Read about our plan to ensure children get the education they deserve.

3. Jumpstart our economy and get Americans back to work

  • Break down government-imposed barriers to work by giving Americans the freedom to practice their profession wherever they live and limiting unnecessary regulations.
  • Accelerate job creation by protecting home-based businesses and creating a fair, flat, and predictable tax system.
  • Stand up to government overreach by stomping out cronyism and litigating in defense of workers, taxpayers, and entrepreneurs.

Read about our plan to jumpstart the economy.

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