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Goldwater Institute Responds to Suspension of Arizona Empowerment Savings Account Expansion

September 12, 2017

Phoenix—The Goldwater Institute issued the following statement in response to the news that Save Our Schools Arizona had collected sufficient signatures to delay the expansion of Arizona’s Empowerment Savings Account (ESA) program, signed by Governor Doug Ducey this past April:

“Arizona parents want their children to succeed, and Arizona’s empowerment savings accounts give them the tools to help make that happen,” Goldwater Institute Senior Fellow Jonathan Butcher said. “An expansion of Arizona’s ESA program benefits all Arizona children, allowing them and their parents to create a custom education that meets their unique needs. We’re confident that Arizona families agree.”

In the past year, an average of 165 families have applied each month to participate in Arizona’s ESA program. Today, approximately 3,500 families participate.


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