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Tired of Racial Division? A New Group Wants to Color Us United.

June 4, 2021

June 4, 2021

More and more, racism is becoming a big part of the conversations taking place in our schools, boardrooms, and capitols. And instead of helping to solve societal problems, it’s driving a wedge between Americans, pushing them to divide among racial and political lines. Take a look at the rise of Critical Race Theory in American classrooms, for example. Across the country, school districts are embracing curriculum—like the 1619 Project—that teach students that our Founding Fathers were racist people, and that American ideas are not worth saving.

But the truth is, most Americans don’t believe that we’re a fundamentally racist and hateful country. Half of all Americans don’t trust Black Lives Matter to “promote justice and equal treatment for people of all races.” Yet many American institutions—from corporations to media—voice strong support for BLM and buy in to the racial activism that is serving to divide us. For the thousands upon thousands of Americans who believe that these efforts to separate us are actually harming us, there has been little opportunity to speak up.

But now, a just-launched group, Color Us United (CUU), promises to be a voice for those who believe that the accusations about racism in America have gone too far, for those who believe that not every issue ought to be viewed through the lens of racism. Disparities exist in this country, but they’re due to ineffective government policies rather than racism. CUU plans to push back against the media, legislators, and companies who foment racial division in America, and instead work to create a more united and free America.

This push toward an America that is truly open to all is what drives our work at the Goldwater Institute, too. We’re leading an effort to shine a light on what’s being taught in America’s schools, working with states to pass academic transparency legislation that would require schools to fully disclose, online, the content students are learning so parents can be better informed. Read more about our work here.

You can learn more about Color Us United—and how you can get involved—here.



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