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Week in Review: Fireworks, Freedom, and…?

July 5, 2024

Flashes of red, white, and blue lighting up the summer night. The smell of poolside barbecues.

This Independence Day weekend, we gather with family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate the start of the great American experiment—and the fundamental freedoms that allow us to live our lives the way we see fit. It’s also an opportunity to extend an appreciation for our founding principles into the future. That’s why the Goldwater Institute created A Is for the American Dream, a children’s book that takes parents and their kids on a trek through the alphabet to visit such concepts as Bravery, Gratitude, Liberty, and Opportunity.

We must never forget these timeless ideals—nor the gift of liberty that is guaranteed for future generations by the resolve of those that came before.

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Stopping Scottsdale’s Bait-and-Switch

The numbers don’t add up.

The city of Scottsdale is deceiving voters about a proposed sales tax hike, falsely claiming that the tax increase is actually a tax cut so that residents will approve it at the ballot box—and raise taxes on themselves.

This sort of bait-and-switch deception is illegal under state law. Now the Goldwater Institute is suing the city on behalf of three Scottsdale taxpayers to stop the measure from being placed on the 2024 general election ballot.

Like Phoenix and Tucson with their burdensome business mandates, Scottsdale is trying to get what it wants by circumventing state law. We defeated those mandates just last week—and we won’t let this bait-and-switch stand either.

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Innovation Arrives in Louisiana

First Arizona. Then Nevada. Then Mississippi and Maryland earlier this year.

Now Louisiana becomes the fifth state where Goldwater has enacted the Right to Try for Individualized Treatments, which expands our original Right to Try law to potentially lifesaving treatments that are made specifically for each patient, based on their genetics. As a result, Louisiana patients can access the cutting-edge, personalized care they need right here at home, without begging the government for permission.

Goldwater intends to continue taking the nonpartisan movement to put patients first nationwide, enacting this reform from coast to coast until it is the law of the land.

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