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Week in Review: ‘Goldwater is Absolutely on Fire’

June 14, 2024

“The Goldwater Institute is absolutely on fire,” Arizona radio host Garret Lewis says, praising Goldwater’s “great report highlighting how the University of Arizona is now putting DEI mandates in pretty much everything.”

The Goldwater Institute is “helping lead this rollback of DEI at the state level,” USA Today blares in a column syndicated in dozens of newspapers around the country. “And they’re getting results.”

From national newspapers to local radio, Goldwater is earning accolades for spearheading the nationwide campaign to disrupt “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) mandates in public higher education. Our work won’t be done until we’ve defeated DEI—permanently.

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Government Gravy Train

Where did the money come from? Where did it go? And what is the government trying to hide?

Goldwater’s new report on homelessness spending in Phoenix and Tucson blanketed the airwaves and grabbed national headlines this week as media outlets homed in on those three questions. “The report echoes fears of California’s so-called ‘homeless industrial complex’—a gravy train of funders, officials, shelter owners and charities more keen on swallowing public funds than solving the problem,” one national paper wrote, explaining how government “bungled the crisis” while “concealing their failures with dodgy accounting.”

Arizonans deserve better.

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Fiction That Feels Like Reality

Imagine being stuck in a world smitten with “mental parity,” where speech is monitored for terms like “stupid,” “ignorant,” or even “bright,” where the powers that be claim everyone has the same intelligence, and where government agents lie in wait to trap anyone who suggests merit matters.

Sound familiar? It’s the premise of writer Lionel Shriver’s latest novel Mania, a parable that points directly at DEI and cancel culture, Goldwater Senior Fellow Jonathan Butcher writes in his review of the new book. As Butcher concludes, “Shriver’s fiction reminds us that it is not crazy to adhere to actuality, a comforting thought amid our own mental parity movement and other bogus cultural fads.”

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