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Constitutional Rights
Sen. Ted Cruz Hails Goldwater’s Leadership in School Choice Revolution

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has high praise for the Goldwater Institute’s work to make school choice a reality for..

Constitutional Rights
DEI Disrupted: Goldwater Takes Vision for Education Freedom to Oklahoma

Educational freedom is a cornerstone of a thriving society, enabling individuals to explore diverse viewpoints and contribute to the marketplace..

Family’s Story Highlights Need for Right to Try Expansion

Imagine hearing devastating news about your child’s health and knowing that a potentially lifesaving treatment exists, but that bureaucratic red..

Constitutional Rights
A Is for the American Dream Inspires Next Generation at Constitution Day Celebration

We are facing a crisis in our education system. According to a recent study, most Americans lack a basic understanding..

Empowering Healthcare Choice: The Triumphs of Deregulation

Americans are best off when they can make decisions for themselves—and this is particularly true when it comes to healthcare...

Constitutional Rights
Goodbye Affirmative Action—a Future of Equality in Higher Education?

Did you know that Asian-Americans were legally prohibited from owning property in the state of California until the 1950s? This..

Constitutional Rights
The Government’s Ultimatum: Give Up Your Property or Go to Jail

Welcome to Seward County, Nebraska, where a government scheme is robbing innocent Americans of their hard-earned property and money—to the..

A Shining Light of Hope: Arizonans Celebrate Success of Universal ESAs

One-size-fits-all education no longer has the grip on parents and children that it used to. Today, parents are celebrating new..

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