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A Is for the American Dream Inspires Next Generation at Constitution Day Celebration

September 22, 2023

We are facing a crisis in our education system. According to a recent study, most Americans lack a basic understanding of their constitutional rights. Many cannot even name the three branches of government. That’s why the Goldwater Institute created a new type of children’s book, A Is for the American Dream—to instill a renewed appreciation for the pillars of our constitutional republic. Last week, the Goldwater Institute and Love Your School, which helps Arizona families explore education options, hosted an inspiring book event in Scottsdale that drew parents, children, educators, and policy experts together to celebrate Constitution Day weekend.

The venue was abuzz with anticipation from local families who gathered to support a new kind of children’s literature focused on American principles. The highlight was a live reading by book author and Goldwater Director of Education Policy Matt Beienburg, who captivated the young audience by taking them through the book’s beautiful illustrations and ABCs-themed pages highlighting our nation’s core values.

The book comes at a time when children in public schools are being exposed to radical leftist agendas that teach toxic ideologies like Critical Race Theory, all while parents are being cut out of important conversations about what’s happening to their kids. These narratives push a slanted view of America, one that is overwhelmingly negative, divisive, and simply false.

But Goldwater designed A Is for the American Dream to help our next generation develop an appreciation for the freedoms and responsibilities that come with living in the United States.

The book exposes them to all that makes our nation exceptional—the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, voting rights, prosperity, bravery, and more! It teaches kids that whether they want to be a painter, an astronaut, a mom or a dad, an inventor, a gymnast, a teacher, or a business owner, the American Dream is within their grasp.

What are you waiting for? Inspire the next generation to pursue their American dream today.

You can buy A Is for the American Dream here.



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