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Mike Brownfield

Poor-Performing School Districts Need a Heavy Dose of Accountability

The results are abysmal. San Francisco Public Schools published a new report showing terrible outcomes for its K-12 students and..

Jobs & Economy
Ford Takes Taxpayer Money, Eliminates Taxpayer Jobs

Employees at Ford Motor Company will head into this Labor Day weekend with pink slips in their hands, among 3,000..

Free Speech
How Congress Plans to Eviscerate Free Speech in the Name of “The People”

In the first act of Congress under the Biden Administration, the freedom of speech is under attack. The deceptively named..

Chicago’s Mayor Flips on COVID Restaurant Closures

About an hour and a half before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Chicago police responded to a call at the..

An Epic IRS Fail Leaves Millions of Americans Waiting for Relief

Through no fault of their own, millions of Americans have been sidelined in the COVID-19 crisis, unable to work due..

Protesters Descend on Michigan’s Capitol Demanding their Freedom to Work

April 15, 2020By Mike Brownfield “It’s not a suggestion. It’s an order.” In a few short words, Michigan Governor Gretchen..

Michigan Governor’s Communication Breakdown

April 14, 2020By Mike Brownfield Want some rules for life? Read the Ten Commandments. Interested in learning about our fundamental..

What to Do when Local Control Is Out of Control

Cities banning home-sharing. Cities taxing ride-sharing. Cities trampling on your freedom of speech. This is what “local control” looks like..

ACLU Defends Donor Privacy in New Jersey as Liberals Undermine It

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which built its reputation on defending the freedom of speech and other individual rights,..

Free Speech
I Participated in Facebook’s “High Court” Roundtable, and I’m Worried for the Freedom of Speech

June 17, 2019By Mike Brownfield “Kill All Men”  The words appeared on a Facebook post in a cartoon bubble beside..

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