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Matt Miller

The Government Stole this Man’s Jeep—and Is Demanding $1,900 to Return It

August 20, 2020By Matt Miller When the government steals an innocent man’s Jeep and demands $1,900 to return it, you..

Property Rights
$100K Fines for Peacefully Renting Your Miami Beach Home? Florida Court Says “No”

Can Miami Beach fine property owners $20,000 to $100,000 for doing nothing more than renting their home for the night?..

Property Rights
Will Miami Beach’s Exorbitant Short-Term Rental Fines Survive?

June 17, 2020By Matt Miller Renting out your home in Miami Beach could cost you bigtime—in fact, it’s home to..

Free Speech
Santa Fe, Soda, and Speech

May 6, 2020By Matt Miller This week, on behalf of New Mexico’s Rio Grande Foundation, the Goldwater Institute filed the..

Short-term Rentals Should Be the First Thing Florida Reopens

April 28, 2020By Matt Miller Do Florida’s hotels deserve better treatment than property owners? Because during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak,..

Why is Florida Banning this Tool that Could Help Nurses and First Responders?

April 2, 2020By Matt Miller Florida medical workers, first responders, and property owners are all under tremendous stress during the..

Constitutional Rights or Coronavirus Aid? Businesses Shouldn’t Have to Choose.

March 25, 2020By Matt Miller In an example of never letting a crisis go to waste, the current House draft..

Free Speech
Can You Only Fight for Your Free Speech Rights If They’ve Been Violated?

March 4, 2020By Matt Miller This week, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument in Speech First v...

Property Rights
Miami Beach Home-Sharing Ban is a Fumble for Homeowners and Super Bowl Visitors

January 30, 2020By Matt Miller This weekend, more than 150,000 people are expected to visit Miami to watch the Kansas..

Property Rights
Washington Supreme Court Undoes 29 Years of Property Rights Protections

November 15, 2019By Matt Miller Yesterday, nearly 30 years of private property rights protections were undone by the Washington Supreme..

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