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Naomi Lopez

Battling COVID with One Hand Tied Behind Our Back

Two years after the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the U.S., hope is on the horizon in the form..

FDA, Take Note: There Can Be No Trust Without Transparency

Americans are worried—and they should be. The past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have given many people an unexpected..

Will Biden’s FDA Chief Embrace Innovation or Hinder It?

December 16, 2021 By Naomi Lopez In what may end up being the most colossal bureaucratic red tape blunder this..

States Shouldn’t Push Americans Off the Telehealth Cliff

When the pandemic took hold in America, policymakers in Washington and governors across the country realized there was a dire..

Questions We’d Like to Ask the Next FDA Commissioner

November 12, 2021By Naomi Lopez Breakthrough technologies. Personalized medicine. Modern communications tools. The ingredients are all there to build a..

FDA Can Move More Swiftly When Time is of the Essence

August 23, 2021By Naomi Lopez The FDA can sure move swiftly when it wants to. We learned that earlier today,..

Could the FDA Be Making the Pandemic Worse?

June 29, 2021By Naomi Lopez With many offices and schools reopening, social distancing rules being eased, and mask requirements being..

The Future of Medicine is Now — If Bureaucrats Get Out of the Way

When Jonas Salk developed one of the first polio vaccines, he based the vaccine on a “killed” or deactivated virus..

J&J Vaccine Decision is a (Small) Step in the Right Direction

April 23, 2021By Naomi Lopez A CDC advisory panel’s decision this afternoon to recommend lifting a pause on Johnson &..

Could Government Be Fueling the Next COVID Wave?

April 16, 2021By Naomi Lopez The COVID-19 threat is worsening in many places—and tragically, government overcaution is pouring fuel on..

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